Tales from La Brasada

cropped-cropped-tales-from-la-brasada-logo-larger-canvas-size.jpgWhen my Scotch-Irish mom would listen to my childhood stories, her comment was often that I surely kissed the Blarney Stone while still in her womb.  With a last name like Rosenauer, sauerkraut dripping heavily from my paternal heritage, this seemed an odd situation to a young boy.  But truth be told, I have always been a story teller.  From an “outdoor classroom” perspective, my many tours and showings of Texas ranches and farms since the mid 1970’s also served as a platform to tell a story to make a point.   It was a real blessing to grow up in a family that allowed me access to the country often.  I can recall waking up, running and playing with the hunting hounds outside in the red dirt well before anyone else stirred in the old farm house where my grandparents lived.  Trips to the stock tank with a cane pole and old .22 rifle, hunting for critters made for some awesome memory making experiences in those simpler times.

I started going hunting with my father and grandfather in 1957 at age six.  My father thought I made too much noise and did not much want me in the blind with him.  Granddad, who was more tolerant or maybe more deaf, welcomed me.  I keep that in mind now with my two little granddaughters who want to be with Poppi, but not necessarily keep quiet while hunting.  At age 12 I was a full blown “lease partner”; which meant I had to work much of the summer to pay for my share of the lease payment due each September for our little piece of hunting land in western Frio County along FM 140.  Some of these tales come from that wonderful place and the 21 years we spent there.

My stories are mostly based upon what I have seen and done out in the Brush Country south of San Antonio.  I never joined any big acreage lease nor paid for a high dollar hunt on one of the many ranches that offer such packages.  Not that there is one thing wrong with that.  I have just preferred to be, for the most part, captain of my own ship, even if the vessel was a rowboat!  My hunting companions have mostly been close friends and family and as the years go by, I prefer that even more.  Most of my hunting has been on owned or long time leased property, often only a few hundred acres in size, and mostly low fenced.  We do have one long time lease that is bigger and high fenced. I think the deer on that ranch are among the wildest I have ever hunted.

The buck that makes up our logo came from our family farm.  My wife Danell harvested him with our son Corban in the blind with her.   He is the only drop tine buck we have ever seen on that place since my grandparents moved there in the late 1930’s.  I have managed that property since 1976 and had no idea such a deer existed there.  That is what makes hunting in La Brasada so much fun.  You just never know what might step out in front of you!

Also included are a few of what I hope will be motivational/inspirational writings for your consideration.  They have been well received by others over the years.

I truly hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed remembering them and writing them down. Head outdoors, take a friend with you, and have some fun.

If you have story to tell, send it to us at talesfromlabrasada@gmail.com and if we use it you will be given credit for it.

Johnnie Rosenauer